sillimantin rollers, ceramic rollers

Sillimantin roller series:
Outstanding high temperature
Outstanding chemical resistance
Excellent resistance to temperature changes
SM 60 鈻 First choice for manufacturing of glazed wall tiles
SM 65 鈻 One outstanding option for producers of floor tiles and vitrified tiles
SM 90 鈻 Smart choice for firing of large format porcelain, tableware and stoneware tiles.

Technical Data*
  dimension SM90 SM65 SM60
Al2O3 content 75-77 78-80 77-78
density g/cm3 2.6-2.7 2.5-2.6 2.4-2.5
Water absorption % 6-7 8-9 9-10
Flexural strength MPa 60-70 55-60 50-55
Thermal expansion(20-1000鈩) 1/K 6*10-6 6*10-6 6.2*10-6
Young's modulus of elasticity GPa 95 80 70
Maximum temperature** 1350 1300 1300
Thermal shock resistance   Very good Very good Very good

* This is not a product specification but lab test data for reference. The actual may varies due different sizes and conditions.
**Please fill out our questionnaire so that we can recommend the type of roller聽best suitable for your kiln working conditions.聽

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